AuroLeadership is a Centre of Excellence for Leadership and Management focused on grooming thought leaders in the corporate arena, the power-seat of the current world.

AuroLeadership is an initiative of a non-profit organization, Sri Aurobindo Society, which has several initiatives working towards its vision of an integral evolution of mankind in the light of Sri Aurobindo’s teachings.

As an organization, AuroLeadership has a mission to contribute in building a beautiful, harmonious and progressive future for the world by enabling individuals and leadership towards greater self-awareness and effective self-management for true success – both materialistic as well as fulfilling the deeper purpose of being.

The Fourth Dimension Inc. or the FDI is AuroLeadership e-journal – its channel of presenting its thoughts and ideals to the world through the electronic media. It publishes articles and write-ups based on AuroLeadership extensive research on various subjects related primarily to the corporate world.

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