Discovering the Joy of Selling— A book review Gayatri Majumdar

The book is an inspiring tale written for sales professionals by Achal Rangaswamy, who is a sales and a marketing coach with decades of experience training professionals, along with M S Srinivasan – a spiritual thinker.

The narrative in Discovering the Joy of Selling is based on practical lessons learnt in the market by one of the authors over a span of more than three decades. Replete with humour and quips, the book walks the reader through the challenging yet enjoyable and rewarding process of selling to customers of varied backgrounds. It restores pride in the profession which is often considered as something one gets into not by choice. And indeed the author recalls how he took up his first sales job only to ‘Get a Motorcycle Free to Ride All Over’ – and there he was holding up his trophy at the ‘Grand Awards Night’!

Providing real-life experiences, one of the authors, Rangaswamy, point out that the process of selling provides not only solutions but great joy to both, customer and sales professional. As demonstrations, time-tested and fail-safe techniques are showcased time and again in each of the chapters in the book with titles such as ‘The Story in the Mirror on the Bedside Table’, ‘The ABCD way to Sell – Getting Your Alphabets Right’, ‘A’ Stands for Asking Questions’ and others.

The objective of the authors is to lay bare the positive and impactful role played by sales professionals and the realization of such an impact in their own minds, so that they perform their act even better and more responsibly, thereby winning the hearts of customers in particular, and society in general.

Meanwhile, Srinivasan’s chapter focuses on the ‘Inner Dimensions of Selling’ wherein he stresses on the ‘psychological’, ‘ethical’ and ‘spiritual’ dimensions of selling. He then concludes, ‘The root of commerce is the interchange or barter of goods and services between the producer and consumer. If we probe deeper and ask what is the basis of this interchange we will hit upon one of the fundamental and universal laws of life: interdependence.”

The book’s Prologue points out, ‘Can you imagine a single day in this world when no salesperson sells anything to anybody? Nothing, not a single product, not a single idea, not a single solution. What would happen? My fear is – a million odd people would go to sleep hungry.’

Discovering the Joy of Selling is a must-read for young sales professionals, sales leaders those who are stuck in a rut, and for those who seek to make a fulfilling career.

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