Excellence in Professional Work – A Consciousness Approach – A book review

The ‘Excellence in Professional Work – A Consciousness Approach’ provides a new dimension to work for any conscious and evolving working professional. It brings in the clarity that to have quality and excellence in our outer work, we need to have quality and mastery of our inner domain of consciousness. Insights are shared throughout this book as short articles to identify and become familiar with the workings and mastery of the four dimensions of our consciousness – body, life energy, mind and soul. It brings awareness into the Yogic methods of geniuses, who brought in their superior mind, energy and intuition into their various fields of work.

The book is like an inner ray sent within to reveal to the reader his or her inner faculties that converge together as the quality of their actions and work. Acknowledging the external ways of knowing something, inner intelligences and ways of knowing are explored. Emotional intelligence is explored in a new way as a ‘feeling that knows’. The necessities of developing focus and concentration, and holding it like a laser beam in an inner space of mindfulness, calmness awareness and witness poise are explored. A new dimension to inter personal relationships is suggested. This is the capacity to identify our consciousness with the ‘inner being’ of others and thus to truly understand them. The book then explores Human Energy Management and explores how we can harness dynamic energies necessary for our individual and collective action. Precise clues to enter inward to be in a conducive state, to receive rays of Intuition and utilize them in the day-to-day decision making in the corporate life are explored. The book does suggest the working professional to build a health management practice in an integral way, that honors and works along with the body’s inner intelligence.

The application of this book appears to be to work in a value centered way creating incremental, evolutionary and breakthrough innovations in our own fields. And if we are conscious we can add further icing to our endeavor by doing work with harmony, joy, peace and equanimity. In short, this book enables aspiring working professionals to evolve into Conscious Leaders who can create the Next Level Organizations which function with higher values and consciousness.

Arul Dev


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