The Emerging Feminine Millenium and Building the Woman-Empowered Workplace

“Women are, in principle, the executive power.” —The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram “Executive, thy name is woman.” —The Economist A former head ofRead More…

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How to Counter the Mindset of Bribery

Bribery has become a part of popular and official culture in India, which has created a mindset among the public that without giving bribes,Read More…

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Centralization and Decentralization: The Role of Government

The business of the State is to provide all possible facilities for co–operative action. —Sri Aurobindo The present trend of thinking in the progressiveRead More…

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Beyond the Uncharted Landscape – Book Review Jayachandran

This book has been written keeping in mind college students and young professionals who are in the early stage of their career. The authorRead More…

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