Integral Yoga of Works: Practioners Experiences by Larry Siedlitz

(A review and a commentary on the book Integral Yoga At Works, A Study of Practioners’ Experiences working in Four Professional Fields, by LarryRead More…

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Luxury and Spirituality: Can they Meet?

The title and the question may appear as impossible contraries. In the popular conception luxury is associated with sensuous indulgence and enjoyment and spiritualityRead More…

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Directing Attention For Effective Leadership M.S.Srinivasan

Our human organism or consciousness is rich with many faculties and powers. One of the most important among them is the faculty of attentionRead More…

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The Indian Ethos to Management

(A review and a commentary of the book on “Conversations on the Remaking of Managers” by Dr. Daniel Albuquerque and Dr. Subhash Sharma, IBARead More…

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