Let the Life of God Flow through You

Man’s life needs to be renewed, if possible, daily through contact with God. There is the rain of God’s mercy. It pours everyday: and those of us who receive it, are washed clean, renewed and restrengthened for the struggle of life, as servants of God.

May I suggest to you a simple exercise? Every morning, as you sit in silence, close your eyes and imagine the life of God coursing through every part of your body, filling it through and through. The Life of God is in us already: we have to be conscious of it. Say to yourself: “Every moment the Life of God – call Him by what name you will, Krishna, Buddha, Christ, Guru Nanak: They all are so many names of Him who is nameless – is filling every nerve and cell and fibre of my being!”

Then begin with the head. Feel the Life of God coursing through your head, and say: “The Life of God is renewing, revitalising my entire brain, every nerve and nerve-centre, and the entire cerebero-spinal system. And my brain thinks the thoughts of God. It thinks in obedience to the Moral Law…

The Life of God is renewing the entire glandular system… It is revitalising the eyes: and now my eyes see more clearly, more purely. God’s Light shines in and through them: and the Light of God is the Light of purity….

God’s Life is revitalising my ears: they hear more clearly and they hear words which are good and noble: and they hear the music of God which thrills the universe from end to end…

God’s Life is revitalising my nose… God’s Life is revitalising my throat. How sweetly it sings the Name of God and the songs of the saints of God! And it utters words which are sweet and true and helpful to humanity!”

Now pause for a moment. Then take in a deep breath and turn your attention to the lungs and the heart. Imagine the Life of God renewing, revitalising the chest and the heart. And the heart is the seat of emotions. Because God’s Life is in it shall be emotionally balanced, calm and serene in every situation and circumstance of Life.

Turn your attention to your arm and hands. They are the hands of God. They are instruments of God’s help and healing in this world of suffering and pain… Think of the stomach and other organs… Then come to your legs, knees and feet. The feet are now firmly, set on the path of righteous and self-realization.

After covering your entire body, concentrate once again on the heart. The heart is the Sanctuary of the Temple, the Abode of the Lord. And now imagine the Lord – seated in the heart, for that is where He is already – His Love, His Wisdom, His Strength, His Intelligence, His Joy, His Peace, all centred there and reaching out to every part of your body and outside to your dear and near ones and to your friends and “foes” alike.

It will take you longer to read this than to put this simple exercise into practice. Repeat this exercise, as often as you can, during the day. But do it, at least twice every day in the morning and at night. And you will soon, very soon, see the effects of it. Your health will improve: your mind will be more relaxed and alert. Your heart will be more responsive to the pain of others. And you will grow into a fuller, richer, deeper consciousness of the presence of God. He will be to you more real than the things of this earth. New love and longing for Him will wake up within your heart. And you will aspire to dedicate all you are, and all you have, at His Lotus-Feet for the service of suffering creation. You will live and move and have your being in the Joy and Peace of God. You will be blessed among the children of men!

Courtesy: East and West series.

J.P. Vaswani

The author is universally acclaimed as a humanitarian, philosopher, educator, acclaimed writer, powerful orator, messiah of ahimsa, and non-sectarian spiritual leader.

One thought on “Let the Life of God Flow through You

  1. Sri Srinivasan garu, namaste. Every time the articles in Fourth Dimensions always take the best of humanity and soar to Divine. This particular article is the best . very simple but high in sprituality and humanity. The practice of godis life flowing through is the best and very simple way of surrender to the DIVINE.
    Thank you,
    vijaya Rao

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