The Science of Accelerated Evolution

Examining why it is so important to shift our direction of growth from the mere ‘quantitative’ to qualitative and all encompassing.

As a civilization we have hit the limits of quantitative and material growth and are hovering over a precipice. If we blindly pursue this course, we will topple down into the abyss. The multitude of problems and shocks we are facing today are warnings given by Nature, telling us “My dear children, stop, reflect and change course, if you want to survive and not perish like some of the legendary civilizations of the past.” So we have to pursue a more qualitative, inward and integral growth. The key to this change lies in the Science of Yoga, which is the central theme of this issue.

There is much misunderstanding on the true nature of this great Indian science of yoga. The popular conceptions equate yoga either with bodily postures of hathayoga or world-denying meditations in remote forests, ashram or mountain peaks. What is not recognized is that yoga is a form of applied psychology for accelerating the inner evolution of human beings. And when this inner growth expresses itself in the outer life, it can lead to a better quality of the corporate life, with an ultimate impact on the bottom-line. In this sense Management and Yoga are complementing sciences. There are many correspondences between yoga and management. What management does to our outer life, yoga can do to our inner being. These correspondences point out towards a possible synthesis of these two sciences, culminating in a yogic approach to Management. This issue presents a balanced mix of concept, vision and methods of practice for a new approach to Management based on the principles of yoga.

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