Into Great Depth of Your Being by Arul Dev

I got familiar with the author and the draft content of the book, when I attended his course on Self Awareness. Mr. Arul Dev teaches in a style that is personal and lively. He emphasizes on experiential knowledge as opposed to rote learning. Today, I am delighted to have received a copy of the book Into Great Depth of Your Being, and feel honoured to write a few words about it.

The book opens with an understanding of our ‘Being’ – physical, life energy, mind and deeper Self. The author states that “The goal of this book is to touch and nourish your ‘being’ layer”. The first half of the book deals with the following: a) Development of the physical – body and habits, b) Purification of the sensory experiences, c) Harnessing of the dynamic energy in a healthy way, d) Emotional development by caring, giving and connecting. These can be treated as the initial steps for the development of ourselves, young and elderly alike.

The second half of the book covers the subtler aspects: a) Enhancement of the objective mind, to speak words and collate data based on awareness, b) Nurturing creativity and imagination, c) Synthesis of pure mind that aspires for the truth, d) Connecting with the deeper Self – the ‘embodiment of the Divine Presence’.

The book is written in a lucid language, which reflects the erudition of the author, his capacity to communicate with the reader and his service towards holistic education for the students and professionals. There are nice anecdotes with which the reader can associate in her/his personal and professional lives. Aspects of life skills such as time management, communication skills, development of concentration, problem solving ability, relationships, have been deftly handled. The art of learning by practicing and teaching are nicely indicated. Without being dogmatic, the book directs us towards our spiritual growth in a unique way. The author emphasizes Sadhana as the daily practice for the development of our ‘Being’.

Amlan K. Sengupta


Department of Civil Engineering

Indian Institute of Technology Madras.



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