Spirituality at Work—A Review by Arul Dev

Spirituality at Work is an opportunity to connect with, reflect upon and integrate within the kernel truth of the Gita and apply its insights in our work and action, in modern and post-modern times. The book has a clear preference for the higher aspects of the spirit, for example—ego-transcendence, freedom from desire, developing equipoise and one-pointed concentration. The focus is to locate and identify the Divine indweller within the cave of the heart and to maintain this inner contact while engaging in liberated action. The invitation is to experience true fulfillment by living a life based on one’s inner nature and calling. The objective of the book is to enable the reader to bring forth the Divine within him or her.

Sufficient purification and transcendence has been emphasized in the first portion of this book. A comprehensive knowledge of various insights to guide us in our spiritual journey has been gleaned from the Gita and shared. The mid portion of the book aptly focuses on the devotional element. It discusses the path of remembering and offering all of our work and actions to the Divine—within and without. This has been described as the yagna and is pointed as an inner attitude to uphold in our work. The later portion of the book explores deeply into the three fundamental qualities or gunas—tamas, rajas and sattva that we all possess. It describes their nature, explores nuances of their interplay and provides a psychometric guna chart, to understand and transform our gunas. The book then helps us to dwell on the higher nature of soul forces, the Mahashaktis—integral knowledge and wisdom, courageous strength and power, harmonious prosperity and enjoyment, and devoted service and perfection. By increasing the living connection with our soul forces, the opportunity is for us to become an instrument and a manifestation of the Divine.

The author Devdas Menon’s voice and energy carry us forward throughout the book. His energy is gentle, wise and non-invasive, but certainly invokes something deep within the heart. It gives space for remembrance of our Divine connection and qualities and serves as an inspiration to bring forth the attitude of spirituality in our work. The book is an expression of Devdas Menon’s vision of inspiring people to raise their aspiration—from experiencing satisfaction from the lower pulls of life to experiencing true fulfillment by opening to one’s higher nature.

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