The Way of Swadharma

The concept of Swadharma, which can be roughly translated as one’s own Unique Intrinsic Nature, is an insightful idea of Indian philosophy. This Indian concept provides useful perspectives with relevant applications in management. The central message or the core idea of the philosophy of swadharma is that in evolving human development strategies for the individual or the group, the uniqueness of the individual human organism, as it is in its present condition, have to be given due consideration. The variety, diversity and inequality of human life have to be recognised. A uniform and standardized approach to all, disregarding the nature, capacity and evolutionary condition of the individual, is not conducive to healthy human growth. This issue explores the application of this concept of swadharma in the following domains of management, Self-Development and leadership:

  • Motivation
  • Talent Management
  • Finding the Right Values
  • National Development

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